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Monday 23rd November 2009Tenancy Disputes - Getting Your Deposit Back
In 2007 the Government made it illegal for landlords to hold onto tenancy deposits for more than 14 days without having submitted them to a protected insurance scheme. The UK has 3 tenancy schemes that landlords are required to hand over deposits to for the duration of a tenants stay.
The tenancy deposit schemes were created in order to protect both tenant and landlord in the event of a dispute, regarding the return of a tenancy deposit, at the end of a lease. These schemes act as a dispute resolution service in the instance of a dispute between the tenant and the landlord, that cannot be resolved between the parties involved.
As a tenant in a qualifying rented property in the UK, you should aim to ensure that your deposit has rightfully been submitted to one of the 3 insurance schemes. You can request confirmation of this in writing from the landlord with details of which scheme it is now held with. 
If the landlord will not give confirmation or has not submitted the deposit to one of the schemes, you are entitled to take legal action. To find out more about the tenancy insurance schemes and how they help you to get your deposit back at the end of your tenancy, have a look at our tenancy deposit dispute pack.

Posted on November 23rd 2009 on 09:43am
Labels: tenancy deposit dispute
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