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Over the past decade, the claim culture in the UK has grown dramatically, yet it remains difficult to easily find out all of the relevant information about where and how you go about making a claim for compensation without going to a solicitor. Compensation Pack is a site dedicated to providing straightforward and easy to understand information about your rights in regards to compensation and how to go about claiming compensation when it is due.
A key feature of the information that we provide is that we are not quick to suggest that you take legal action. Our guidance takes you through all of the options that you have to resolve issues before you resort to legal action, and in cases where legal action is unavoidable we give you the information and direction necessary to allow you to avoid costly solicitors fees.
We currently offer information packs that give you all of the necessary tips and pointers for understanding when and how to claim compensation in relation to:
These downloadable packs contain all of the information that you will need to deal with issues arising from the situations listed above. Over the coming months we hope to add more information packs to the site to cover a range of possible areas that people encounter most in day to day life, making Compensation Pack a comprehensive resource for information in regards to compensation.

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