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 All the information and advice that you need to claim compensation in an easy to understand and easy to use pack. 
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If you have a dispute with your utility provider, find out how we can help.

What's Included?

Everything you need to start your claim immediately
All forms required to make your compensation claim
Full details on how to fill in the forms and where to post them.
Shaw and Co Solicitors
Utilities Dispute
Do you have issues with your utility company? Do any of the following match your problem:
  • Have you a Bill dispute?
  • have you had a service cut off?
  • Have you had service interruptions?
  • Have you had difficulties with companies arranging appointments to maintain services or fix problems?
Compensation Pack can help.
Gas, electricity, water and sewage removal are essential to modern living. Our homes and businesses depend on the provision that utility companies provide, therefore it is important that these services are provided and maintained reliably.
Disputes with utilities providers are common. We have created a pack that deals with the various issues that may arise in regards to utilities disputes. We tell you your rights and how companies should deal with you.  We give you step-by-step explanations on how to claim compensation when its due.

Pack Contents

1. Utility Provider DisputeWe provide an introduction into disputes with utility providers

2. Gas and ElectricityWe show you how to progess your complaint

3. Water and Sewage
We explain your statutory rights to compensation

4. Guidance on claimingWe provide guidance on how to proceed with a case

* All packs come with template letters relevant to the situations discussed within the pack, and example claims forms.

If you believe that you have a claim for compensation, the next step is to download this pack for free.
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